When dropshipping with AliExpress, you might wonder if it’s necessary to inform your supplier that you’re selling their product online.

And you’re right. It’s definitely good to think about that! Luckily, you are here now. In this article, I’m going to go over some standpoints of why you might need to inform your AliExpress supplier that you’re dropshipping.

you do need to inform your AliExpress supplier that you’re dropshipping. Doing this will prevent any invoices or promotions from being in your customer’s package. Another advantage is that you get to build a relationship with your supplier. With good communication, you will be able to ask questions, solve problems, negotiate discounts, and much more!

Will the AliExpress supplier treat you differently when informed that you’re dropshipping?

Let’s first think about whether or not an AliExpress supplier will treat you differently when he or she knows that you’re dropshipping.

Well, in some cases, I can tell you that they will indeed treat you differently!

For example, good suppliers will know that they shouldn’t put in additional promotions or invoices. If they would, your customer could find out that you’ve just bought the product on AliExpress for a way lower price.

Another thing a good AliExpress supplier may do for you once they know that you’re dropshipping is creating a special VIP product link for you.

This VIP page could have different advantages, like faster processing times or a discount. AliExpress suppliers do this because you will probably be a repeat customer for them if you’re dropshipping. The chances are high that you will buy their product multiple times, and that is why you are a VIP customer for them.

As you can see, on a VIP page, there are no product photos and often no product description. It’s mostly made for dropshippers who purchase the same product from the same supplier multiple times.